Panasonic SC-EN17 CD Micro System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Panasonic SC-EN17 CD Micro System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • MP3 playback and digital re-master for higher-quality MP3 reproduction
  • New motorized open front panel for easy disc changing
  • Rich Bass and Clear Vocal with PP mica cone speakers
  • CD-R/RW playback
  • Multi CD Function (Random, Program, Repeat)

Panasonic SC EN17 – micro system – radio / CD
Model: sc-en17

Dynamic designs, powerful sound, attractive functions – it’s all here in Panasonic’s audio entertainment systems.


Slim Design; High sound quality desktop audio system; MP3 playback; CD-R/RW playback; Digital re-master for high quality MP3 reproduction; New motorized front panel opens for easy disc changing; Rich bass and clear vocals with PP cone speakers and extra D. Bass circuit; Multi CD function (random, program, repeat); 4 preset EQ (BASS/CLEAR/SOFT/VOCAL); Live Virtualizer; Backlit LCD display; Digital synthesizer tuner with 32-preset memory; ENERGY STAR Compliant.If you’re looking for a compact system that can really rock, then look no further than the Panasonic SC-EN17 CD Micro System. Play music your way with the built-in CD player that’s loaded with functions. You can listen to songs at random or program the system to play tracks in whatever order you desire. And your listening pleasure doesn’t have to be limited to your CD collection. Tune into your favorite radio station with the digital synthesized AM/FM tuner. Browse the airwaves with the auto scan tuning feature to find all the best local stations, then save up to 32 of your favorites using the preset memory.

The SC-EN17 will also play your favorite CD-R/RW and MP3 recordings. When MP3s are created, higher frequencies are lost due to the limited frequency response of compressed digital audio. Most of these frequencies cannot be heard by human ears, but their presence conveys subtle nuances. When they’re missing in a digital recording, the music just doesn’t sound quite the same as the live performance. Panasonic has developed a multi re-master feature that examines the audio signal and helps compensate for these lost frequencies, providing a better sound quality that is closer to those coveted original performances.

There is no need to get up off your couch with this micro system. Keep yourself parked wherever you’re comfortable and navigate the SC-EN17 with the included full-function remote control. And if you decide to take a midday snooze, you don’t have to worry about oversleeping because the system doubles as an alarm clock.

What’s in the Box
SC-EN17 micro system and remote control.
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